COLBY is your typical “nice guy.” You know… the guy that girls want to give their number to but won’t go home with on the first night? He is smart and kind, with a touch of innocent gullibility in him. He’s intelligent and accomplished, but somehow he has found himself in a job that doesn’t truly fulfill him. He has an inner creativity that he really doesn’t know he has. Will Breanne make it easier or harder for him to discover this untapped talent?

Played by Jeff Allen: IMDB (biography)

BREANNE is very dedicated to her career and has sacrificed a great deal of her social life in order to accomplish her professional goals. She is a down to earth, passionate person, but her intelligence and methodical thinking can sometimes overshadow her good nature. In the past, she has had a tendency to end up dating jerks. But now she runs into Colby, a nice guy. Can it be too good to be true?

Played by Taylor Cloyes: IMDB (biography)

STEVE is the life of the party, whether you want him to be or not. A genuinely good guy who everyone loves to be around. Even when he wreaks havoc, it’s worth it for the story (as long as it isn’t your house). A really solid and unquestionably loyal dude. He’s usually there just when you need him, and, slightly more than not, he’s there when you don’t want him to be.

Played by Jonathan Biver: IMDB (biography)

ROBIN may come off as the most in-your-face and brash person in the room, but she is also the sweetest and cares the most. She never met an alcoholic drink she didn’t like (yes, even Jäger bombs) or a guy she didn’t hate. I guess that’s why she mixes guys and alcohol at the same time…

Played by Veronica Mannion: IMDB (biography)

AMY Sweet, intelligent, shy and reserved. Amy is highly observant, down to earth, and excellent at helping fix everyone’s problems… except her own. She’s starting to learn to care for herself, but for now is the go to for advice.

JULES On the surface, she seems like a hot mess, but Jules is very on top of her life and very intuitive. She may not know exactly what she wants out of things, and can be a bit dramatic, but she means well (probably) and is just looking out for herself.

BREWSTER One of the best managers San Diego has ever see, Brewster loves old foreign movies and smelling new smells. It may seem that he hits on every girl at the office, but it’s just because he’s hitting on every girl at the office.

REBECCA Sweet, kooky, and an all around great friend. You may have no idea what she’s talking about or why she does certain things, but she’s adorable and fun and a great person. Nobody can explain synergy better than her!

ANNABELLE Emotional, pretty, messy. Annabelle can be top of the world or a complete disaster. She really means well! Just sometimes is all over the place.

JOE After years of being in a frat at an east coast college, Joe emerged from his lair and into the real world. He enjoyed the single life for a while, perhaps a bit too much, and how now realized he was not the upstanding gentleman he once thought. Joe has begun his reform, with mixed results.

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