Let the Countdown Begin…

Dear “Long Distance” Fans,

If you are on the East Coast, it is 12:21am and you are official 14 days away from the release of Long Distance…well, minus 20 minutes. So, let the count down begin. In the meantime, here is our official trailer just released this evening.

And if you are on the West Coast, well you are 14 days and…oh you do the math!

Wait, what’s that Ted? Huh? When it’s released on the web, it will be release everywhere at the same time? But in TV, they release the show at the same time in each time zone…we can’t do that? No? Damn.

Come to think about it, releasing it at the same time everywhere is better because then everyone can talk about it at the same time. Right on!

Coming Valentine’s Day, 2014 at 12:01am.

– Jeff

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